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«The Existence Beyond Sound Waves»

Why do people have sounds they like and sounds they dislike?

What kinds of influence will sound have physically and psychologically on humans and animals?

Since my childhood, I was always had those questions. A long time ago, I had the opportunity to watch a television program, which had experiments revolving around how sound effects a dog. It was an experiment where a dog’s pulse increased when it heard the music from the movie ”Jaws”, which is film about a great white shark that suddenly attacks a peaceful resort beech and its local people fighting against it. Even though the dog wasn’t watching the movie, its heartbeat suddenly increased by only hearing the music.

After that, my curiosity of the study of the influential relationships of sound with the animals, and the physical and psychological effects, deeply increased.

What spurred my curiosity even more was, my cat Lily, a Scottish Fold, was sleeping at her regular spot on the couch, curled up. Then, Glen Gould’s recording of J.S Bach’s Aria of Goldberg Variations quietly resonated through speaker. Lily raised her head, extended her neck longer, and started looking and gazing into space as though she was looking around for something. After looking around a while, Lily returned to her original position as though nothing had happened.

Do animals have sounds they prefer or don’t prefer?

Is the sensitivity of sound the same for animals and humans?

My journey to study and research the relationships and influence by sound and sound waves became even more serious when I encountered the Non-Linear Diagnostic System Metatron, which indicates the energy conditions visually. People have been applying it not only in the health care fields but also in educational fields and sports.


The preference of sound and music.

The reason of preferable music.

The effects of music on the feelings.

The effects on the body through the music.


The power of healing created by sound and music was something I thought was obvious. But after reviewing the process very carefully, one by one, I have taken even more of a deep interest into it.

How can man be healed by music?


In what way should I play the music for healing?


Am I able to create healing music fit for an individual’s specific condition(s) by gathering natural healing  sounds that exist abundantly in the world  and studying them deeply? If it is possible, what do I have to do to create it?


Study and research became my task and purpose.


Without being said, the effectiveness of music healing, music and medicine have been mutually together from the ancient times. The music healing method has been applied widely by the medical institutions throughout the world.


What should I do to create custom-made healing music for each individual that is suitable for the condition of his body and mind?


I strongly believe that I will find the answer by keeping an eye on the visually indicated energy flows by using the application of the Non-Linear Diagnostic System.

 Pianist, Tomona Miyazaki